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Star of Bethlehem

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After Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, in the days of Herod the king,behold, wise men from the east came to Jerusalem, saying ‘’ Where is he who has been born king of the jews? For we  saw his star  when it rose and have come to worship him. ’’
                                         Visit of the wise men, Matthew 2-1-2

Wise men were in Jerusalem (Jerusalem) when they asked  this question. But where they came from is unknown. We understand that this star called Bethlehem, appeared in the sky for a while and it’s  showed them the way. In the text of the Bible, by following the star of Jesus’ birth, they locate him and present the gifts they have brought. Since it is not known what this star seen in the sky is the city of Bethlehem  believed to be the birthplace of Jesus was named after him. So is the star of Bethlehem a comet? Or is it a supernova? Or is it conjunctions of some planets?  According to astrology terms to conjunction means is same   degrees of ecliptic longitude.

In ancient times, civilizations in Mesopotamia were able to calculate the positions of planets and stars and formed ephemeris. Since the astrologers ( wise men) are involved, it is highly probable that this situation was calculated and predicted in advance. Today, thanks to science and technology, we can find an eclipse of thousands of years ago. The uncertainty of the birth date of Jesus did not allow the examination of the sky position at that time. Considered as the beginning of the Gregorian calendar, There are two signs that are closest to the birth date of Jesus, which are considered astrologically important.

1-) Saturn – Jupiter Conjunction

In the 7th century BC, the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction took place in Pisces (constellations that shift 1 degree in 72 years due to Precession and are not the same as the signs in the tropical Zodiac used today). From an astrological point of view, we know that Saturn and Jupiter conjunctions are important and start a new cycle. Also this affair is called time markers. These two time markers conjunction in different zodiac signs every twenty years. They start a new twenty-year-old social trend. In addition, this conjunction creates another cycle by changing elements approximately every 200 years. It is known that there are important people among those born during the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction. But making such a generalization would be unfounded.  The fact that Jesus healed people and sacrificed himself for people by surrendering despite seeing the future coincides with the themes of the Pisces sign, which is the symbol of Christianity. Therefore, the conjunction of the two time markers in this zodiac sign, which took place in the 7th century BC, is called the star of Bethlehem by some astrologers. In fact, this remains a possibility and remains only a rumor. Another possibility seems quite strong if we refer to the texts in the Bible.

“The astronomers set out after listening to the king. The star they had seen in the east was guiding them, and when they reached the place where the boy was, they stopped.”
Matthew 2-9

2-) Heliacal ascension of Venus planet and conjunction with Jupiter

 Could the star they see in the east be the planet Venus? When Venus rises before the Sun, it is seen as a morning star in the east, and as a night star in the west when it rises after the Sun. This cycle of Venus takes 584 days. Venus’ heliacal ascension is the first time after a long absence to appear as a morning star, rising just before the Sun on the horizon. The astronomers of that period attached great importance to this. Known as the oldest astrological document, the Babylonian tablet Enuma Anu is taken as a reference in Enlil when it first appeared on the horizon on the east side of Venus. It is also called lucifer, which means bringing the light, because it was born before the sun.

B.C. In the 2nd century, when Venus is retrograde in Leo, it moves to the heliacal position in August. Venus in the sign of Leo, which symbolizes royalty, makes it possible to interpret the planet’s heliac position towards a conjunction with Jupiter, as the arrival of the king of Judah, which they are waiting for. However, the bright morning star in the sentence “I am the root and lineage of David, I am the bright morning star” in Revelation 22-16 in the Bible is thought to be Venus.

 As a result, Bethlehem still remains a mystery and what happened remains unsolved. While it is not known what the Bethlehem star is, false information is being served that it points to the coming of the Mahdi by spreading news that this star appears from time to time, and it does not reflect the truth.